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Jane Louise Bowry


……brings her vast experience as a  massage therapist and reiki practitioner to Keheren Therapy Cornwall, offering:

Deep tissue massage

Keheren Therapy’s and Jane Louise’s Speciality! Alleviates aches and tightness whilst leaving you feeling relaxed! Jane Louise offers a more traditional approach to deep tissue massage without the use of Hydrotherm. For more information click here.

  • Full body massage  £70 for 90 miunutes.
  • Back neck and shoulder massage £50 for 60 minutes

Sub Occipital Release massage

Excellent for those suffering with tension/tightness in the neck and head area including the treatment of headaches and migraines.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is not a massage but a treatment of positive energy to the body/mind, and is a most relaxing and calming experience.

You are fully clothed on the couch. Any negative energy will be released and you will be left feeling recharged and with a sense of calm. This is especially beneficial with those who may be feeling below par or suffering from anxiety /stress or even overworked!!

If you are interested in a trial, I can add some Reiki to any other treatment.  

  • £35 for 30 minute treatment. 
  • £50 for 60 minute treatment.


Acupressure Massage

This 20 minute treatment takes place whilst you are fully clothed – ideal for those who are on lunch break or are in a hurry.

  • £20 for 20 minute treatment.

Indian Head Massage

This intense treatment covers the upper back shoulders neck and the head.

This is especially beneficial for those who suffer with headaches, migraines, tension stress and poor sleep. This will improve your circulation and increase oxygen and blood flow stimulating lymphatic drainage promoting healthy hair growth as well as renewing your energy levels. Please arrive hydrated before your treatment. Please note treatment will involve applying oil to your head/hair.

  • £35 for 30 minutes.


Thai Foot Massage

Working on the pressure points within the feet, which relate to parts of the body. I use a peppermint lotion which is uplifting and stimulating..  The foot, lower leg and the knee receive a total workout… perfect for those who are on their feet all day or those who suffer with aching legs or sore feet. This treatment will help to stimulate circulation, eliminate stress promoting better sleep and general well-being. Not suitable if you are pregnant.

  • £50 for 60 minutes 


Detox and cellulite massage

We all know about cellulite, well most of us anyway!!

This massage is working mainly on the hip and thigh area as well as the hamstrings. This treatments starts with skin brushing followed by exfoliation and a deep massage, incorporating lymphatic drainage all helping to the drain the toxins away. This is a treatment that you can carry on with at home between treatments and I’ll show you how.  This is an intense massage and therefore not suitable for those who are pregnant or have varicose veins. Please contact me beforehand if you are not sure if this is suitable for you.

  • £50 for 60 minutes


Pregnancy Massage

Jane Louise offers pregnancy massage for those wishing to have a massage without the use of Hydrotherm equipment. For more information on pregnancy massage click here

  • £45 for 60 minutes

Every treatment is tailored to suit the clients individual needs, all client information is strictly confidential and you can be assured that I will make your visit as comfortable as possible. for more information.

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