There are usually many questions about complementary therapies.

We have listed some of the Massage Therapy FAQ below.

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What is the Hydrotherm Method?

The Hydrotherm back massage is a uniquely relaxing treatment that involves the client lying on their back on warm cushions of water. Our skilled therapists treat adhesions and other causes of backaches and pains by sliding oiled hands between the warm water bags and the back. Also, they use their expertise to find the causes of pain. Additionally, they use the client’s own weight to apply just the right pressure to the problem areas.

What's different about it?

Lots! The warm water cushions support our clients totally. So, they begin to relax as soon as they lie down. They feel warm and supported throughout the massage, and don’t need to move around. They lie on their backs. Actually, this is definitely the most relaxed and anatomically correct position. Our massage therapists apply pressure upwards against the client’s weight. After your massage, you’ll appreciate why people consider hydrotherm-based deep tissue massage the most complete and holistic massage experience you can have.

Is deep tissue massage painful?

It’s sometimes necessary to go through a little discomfort to sort out deep-seated, chronic pain. This is because the body sometimes resists the pressure that we apply, rather than the depth of the massage itself. Keheren therapists are very highly-trained and use the minimum required pressure to address the back pain and aches that people want them to treat. Any discomfort Keheren clients feel is very short-term. In the end, you will see that it is well worth going through for the lasting pain relief they experience.

Who can benefit from it

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherm-based deep tissue massage. In fact, it is a deeply relaxing and totally comfortable experience. It allows even the most mobile and pain-free to de-stress and unwind. Of course, it works supremely well for those who cannot lie on their stomachs as is required in traditional massages, including:

  • pregnant women
  • some older people
  • arthritis
  • people with injuries that prevent lying face-down
  • impaired mobility
  • sufferers of breathing difficulties, such as asthma
  • people with ME, MS or Parkinson’s Disease.
It’s also great for anyone who
  • needs joint mobilization
  • has reduced joint mobility
  • has muscle spasm and spasticity
  • suffers from tightness in the neck and shoulders
  • has lower back pain or spine stiffness.

What can you expect?

Keheren therapists want to give their clients a totally relaxing and therapeutic experience. In fact, we want them to come back again and again! For this reason, we consider every client as a valued individual. Actually, we tailor your treatment to your individual needs. People in pain will feel better, happier and have improved mobility and flexibility. Everyone experiencing the hydrotherm-based deep tissue massage will leave feeling relaxed, pampered and better able to face the world. They will be less stressed, anxious and fatigued. As a result, they will sleep better, concentrate better and be happier. This is why Keheren therapy deep tissue massage really can transform your life. And if you don’t believe it, please read what our clients say in our Massage Therapy Reviews.

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