Sports Therapy

Despite its name, sports therapy is not just for athletes. This means that our sports therapist in Truro focuses on prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of individuals back to optimum levels of everyday living as well as sports specific fitness. This is irrespective of age or ability.

What is Sports Therapy?

Sports therapists are trained by doing a three year degree level course. This means they are more qualified than a sports massage therapist yet still very much include massage therapy as part of their treatment routine.

In the first instance, sports therapists will conduct an injury assessment, comprising of a series of diagnostic tests to help determine the cause of your pain.  Secondly, they assess an individual’s biomechanical gait, this is their movement and how they use their body. Therefore taken together these will provide you with the most valuable and appropriate form of treatment and rehabilitation.

What will a typical  session with a sports therapist involve?

First Session:

  • Injury consultation (approximately 20 minutes).
  • A combination of massage therapy and exercises (35-40 minutes)

 Subsequent sessions

  • Subjective/objective assessment (approximately 10-15 minutes)
  • Massage therapy and various techniques to suit individuals needs (approximately 30-35 minutes)
  • Rehabilitation exercises (approximately 10 minutes)

Injury Assessments

Injury consultation helps a sport’s therapist to examine the source of the symptoms. As part of the process, factors contributing to the condition are explored through talking to the patient and assessing various movements. Any precautions & contraindications to treatment and clinical impression of the injury or condition are also assessed.

This information enables us as sport’s therapists to assess the degree of movement, injury type, severity and the best possible treatment and rehabilitation to achieve the greatest outcome. As well as, helping to prevent injury re-occurrence in the future.


  • Sports/Remedial Massage– Sport massage is a form of treatment, to treat an individual with an injury.  Therefore, helping to relief muscle tension which could reduce pain as well as reduce risk of injury an individual has. At Keheren Therapy our sports therapist utilise the Hydrotherm System to provide massage treatments.
  • Taping– various taping methods can be used within a treatment session to help reduce pain, decrease swelling and contusions,. This helps to provide support to injured areas, and improves athlete performance. Taping available: Kinesiology tape, elastic adhesive strapping or zinc oxide tape.
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)-  used within treatment sessions to help range of motion, such as flexibility. Flexibility is vital for athletes and non-athletes alike, allowing individuals to move comfortably and freely within daily life.


  • Non-sporting rehabilitation– Rehabilitation for those with injuries, aches and pains.  This helps individuals back to optimum levels of everyday life and or occupation. This is irrespective of age and ability. This is achieved because of focus on movement and gait that may cause everyday stresses and strains. Therefore, sports therapy aims to increase range of movement and strength and thus help to reduce risk of further injury.
  • Sports specific rehabilitation-  supporting an athlete through the early stage of injury all the way to returning to sport successfully.  Providing good quality rehabilitation will assist those looking to return to their sport confidently.  In order to achieve this, exercises and sports specific drills are essential. Above all, this is because of the focus on biomechanical gait and increasing range of movement and strength. This will in turn help to reduce risk of further injury.
  • Injury Prevention Interventions – this is ultimately essential for everybody within everyday life.

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Lauren Lyndon-Hill is available online to assess and diagnose your muscular – skeletal problems. Perfect for those avoiding face to face contact or with a busy schedule.

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