Massage for Back Pain

At Keheren Therapy we believe in bringing our clients the very best and most effective treatments. Massage for back pain is our speciality. Especially to those experiencing muscular pain and discomfort of the back neck and shoulders.

The effective treatment of muscular pain relies upon a number of key factors. These include, knowledge of applied anatomy, experience and skill in treating these types of problems. Another consideration if appropriate, is the use of warmth and massage combined together to provide effective treatments.

Please read our blog post addressing when to see a Doctor for back pain if you are in doubt about having massage treatment or contact us  with any questions you may have.

Man with backpain

We have invested in the Hydrotherm massage system, a proven technology in effective massage therapy designed by British Sports and Remedial therapist John Holman. The system comprising of two cushions of warm water and lumbar support. This facilitates perfect spinal alignment and supreme comfort.  Our guests never experience the discomfort of laying face down during their treatment. The entire treatment is carried out face up in spinal alignment.

Effective relief from muscular aches and pains from experienced therapists is available to you at Keheren in Truro, Kingston and Richmond.

Are Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage Painful?

It’s sometimes necessary to go through a little discomfort to sort out deep-seated, chronic pain and muscle tension. This is because the body occasionally resists the pressure being applied. Rather than being caused by the depth of the massage – the discomfort is evidence that we are getting to the problem’s source.

Keheren therapists are very highly-trained  using the minimum force  required to apply pressure to address the causes of the back pain. Any discomfort keheren clients feel is very short-term – and well worth going through for the lasting pain relief they experience.

Various types of conventional sports massage techniques and Swedish massage can be applied to your treatment on the Hydrotherm system. Our therapists  in London and Truro  are qualified sports massage therapists and have training in deep tissue and/or advanced techniques. We also have a Sports Therapist at our Truro Branch who is able to treat, diagnose and rehabilitate a wide variety of muscular skeletal problems.

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If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our experienced therapists to find out if we can help you please contact us.