Hydrotherm based massage from caring and qualified therapists in Truro & London

Welcome to keheren therapy – the place to come in Truro (Cornwall) and Richmond/Kingston (London) for effective massage treatment of aches and pains in your back, shoulders, neck or legs – or anywhere else.

We are a small team of therapists each with a passion for massage therapy and with specialisms and special interests  within different massage types.

Keheren translates to muscle in the Cornish language, with our logo representing the deep layers of muscle fibres and the Celtic image.

Our massage treatments are especially effective for:

and many other conditions……

If you want your pain to go away, keheren’s expert therapists, with their in-depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, are the people to see.

However, you don’t need a physical condition to gain from keheren’s caring, holistic approach. If you need relief from tension and stress, suffer from headaches, have difficulty sleeping or just want to pamper yourself – you’ll find Keheren therapy has just what you need to cope with living in the twenty-first century.
Everyone can benefit from our soothing and comforting massages on the Hydrotherm system.

Call today to book the best massage in Truro, Richmond or Kingston you’ll ever have!