Pregnancy Massage can help relieve your back pain and help you relax

Our massages differ from the traditional side-lying pregnancy massage. 

We offer you the Hydrotherm system for all of our pregnancy massages. 

This means you can enjoy an uninterrupted full body massage without having to turn over halfway through the treatment. You will be comfortably positioned, according to the stage of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage and back pain.

Back pain is a common ailment during pregnancy, with more than half of all pregnant women suffering from it at some stage.

Pregnancy massage can be an effective treatment of back pain during pregnancy. The treatments for pregnant mothers offered by our experienced therapists are perfect if you want to relieve pregnancy-related back pain, or just want a little relaxation.

Of course, pregnancy massage is perfect for relaxation of the unborn child too!

What causes back pain during pregnancy?

The common causes of back pain in pregnancy include:

  • postural changes
  • increased laxity of ligaments
  • reduced function of abdominal muscles
  • and anterior rotation of the pelvis

Tired muscles can make these issues feel worse, particularly later in the day when holding the same posture for longer. Pain can be relieved through simple posture advice, rest, and of course, prenatal massage!

Massage therapy can help to alleviate pregnancy-related muscular-skeletal pain, making our massages ideal for pregnant mothers.

How can pregnancy massage relieve back pain?

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) advises that massage therapy can help to ease back pain in pregnancy.

It does this by:

  • improving blood and lymph circulation – reducing oedema (swelling)
  • relieving muscle spasms, cramps, and myofascial pain
  • increasing endorphin levels and
  • reducing anxiety and depression.
  • treating and releasing problematic muscle groups.

Common safety questions (& answers!)

Can I lie on my back during a pregnancy massage?

 There is always much discussion surrounding lying on your back for a treatment. We don’t lie flat on our backs during pregnancy to avoid pressure on the ascending aorta between Mum and baby – particularly in the second and third trimesters. The Mum-to-be may experience an almost immediate feeling of nausea and dizziness if this happens.

With Hydrotherm massage, we avoid this by inclining the upper part of the couch, giving the Mum-to-be enough support. We also use a less awkward wedge for those that have had pregnancy massage before, or who use a wedge at home.

Is it dangerous to have a massage in pregnancy?

No! Our therapists are all trained to a high standard and have undertaken post-graduate training in Pregnancy Massage. This means that we understand the changes that are happening to your body and your growing babies.

Can I have a massage at any stage of pregnancy?

 Yes! Although we find that many ladies like to wait until their 12-week scan before coming for a massage. 

Is massage in pregnancy ever contraindicated? 

Yes, below is a list of contraindications:

  • Fever
  • Nausea or Diarrhoea
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • HELLP Syndrome
  • Pitted oedema
  • Placenta Previa
  • Advice to avoid massage by a medical professional

If you have any questions for our experienced therapists, please feel free to email us

Eight great reasons to let us relieve your pregnancy aches and pains with massage therapy

We Are Experts

Unlike most massage therapists, we have had specialist training and hold a specialist qualification in massage for pregnant women. We have developed specific massage techniques to provide the ultimate body massage –  treatments available from qualified therapists in Truro, Cornwall.

Perhaps even more importantly Debbie, Keheren Therapy’s owner teaches pregnancy massage.

You can relax

Completely! We won’t ask you to move about or reposition yourself. Simply lie on your back on the massage table whilst the headrest is inclined – not on your side – and let us do the work. Just one more reason why our pregnancy treatments are the ideal massages for pregnant mothers.

Warming cushions

The warming cushions of the Hydrotherm system gently mould to your whole body shape, softly holding you in the ideal position. We can adjust the back of the couch, dependent on the stage of your pregnancy. All of our massages for pregnant mothers will suit you as an individual to provide comfort and safety at any pregnancy stage.

A truly wonderful feeling – whether or not you’re pregnant! Don’t worry. We will not allow you or your baby to overheat – our maternity massage ensures both of your safety at all times.

Specialist interest

We have a specialist interest in the musculoskeletal system and the causes of your back pain. Think of us as your personal pain detectives and relax whilst our experienced therapists take away those aches and pains.

Physiological changes

We fully understand the physiological changes that pregnant women go through – and know just how to relieve the physical and mental strain they impose. Let us take away your stiffness, tension, aches and pains – and get on and enjoy your pregnancy.

Our massages are more than just a pregnancy back massage – you can receive a full body massage during our pregnancy treatments, or we can focus on problematic areas.

Every woman is different

Just as every woman is different, so the treatment we give to each of our clients is unique – individualised to meet their own particular needs. You’ll find us person-centred and holistic – treating you as the exceptional woman that you are.

Massage is sometimes listed as a contraindication to pregnancy – but rarely with any justification. Our experienced therapists will complete a health questionnaire to fully understand you, your pregnancy, your wants and needs, and exclude any contraindications.

Passionate about what we do

We are kind, caring and passionate about what we do – and know that safe pregnancy massages can help you relax, sleep better and feel happier and free of pain.

We've got previous experience

We’ve got previous experience – and plenty of it! Please read about what our clients say about us in the “Testimonials”.

A Video Testimonial on Hydrotherm Pregnancy Massage

You don’t need to have back pain in your pregnancy to enjoy the benefits of a Hydrotherm massage.

If you are missing your usual massage or simply need some time to relax, contact us now to book your pregnancy massage or book online.

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Massage therapy is clinically proven to alleviate all three types of pregnancy-related pain

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