Pregnancy Back Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Back pain is common in pregnancy – somewhere between a half and three quarters of pregnant women have it at some stage (Bastiaenen et al 2008, Chang et al 2011, Ostgaard et al 1991, 1994, Wu et al 2004). Pregnancy massage can be an effective treatment of back pain during pregnancy.

Of course pregnancy massage is perfect for relaxation too!

What causes back pain in pregnancy?

Lots of women can suffer from back pain in pregnancy. Common causes include, postural changes, increased laxity of ligaments, reduced function of abdominal muscles and anterior rotation of the pelvis. Tired muscle can make this feel worse, particularly later in the day when holding the same postures. Pain can be relieved through simple posture advice, rest, and of course massage!

Debbie (Richmond and Kingston) and Liza (Truro) both provide pregnancy massage using the Hydrotherm system.

Massage therapy can help to alleviate pregnancy-related muscular-skeletal pain

How Does Massage Therapy Help?

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) advises that massage therapy can help to ease back pain in pregnancy. It does this by

  • improve blood and lymph circulation – reducing oedema (swelling)
  • relieving muscle spasms, cramps, and myofascial pain
  • increasing endorphin levels and
  • reducing anxiety and depression.

7 great reasons to let us relieve your pregnancy back aches and pains

I'm an expert
You can relax
Warming cushions
Specialist interest
Physiological changes
Every women is different
Passionate about what I do
We've got previous

You don’t need to have back pain in your pregnancy to enjoy the benefits of a Hydrotherm massage. If you miss your usual massage or simply need some time out to relax contact us at our Truro, Richmond or Kingston branches for your pregnancy massage.

pregnancy massage


Massage therapy is clinically proven to alleviate all three types of pregnancy-related pain

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