What makes a good massage therapist: my 10 tips for finding a good one!

Even as a massage therapist of over 10 years I sometimes struggle to find a good therapist to treat myself, so I thought I would share with you some of my top tips for finding a good therapist!

Here’s, in my experience, what makes a good massage therapist:

Massage regulation

Massage therapists are not regulated in the UK however they can choose to be. Look out for symbols like CNHC (Complementary Natural Health Council) or FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapies). By registering with these bodies, you know they check the qualifications and that the therapists are keeping up to date with continuing professional development.


Ensure massage therapists are insured. Massage therapy is “hands-on” and dealing with public health, insurance provides safety for the therapist and client.

Shop around

Explore special offers until you find a therapist that you like!

Tell them what you want

Its your body (and your money!). It doesn’t always have to be a hard massage. If it’s too much pressure or not enough pressure – tell your massage therapist.

Continue therapy only if it goes well

It’s your money: if you don’t feel benefit or decide it’s not the right treatment option for you don’t be afraid to say no.

Ask Questions 

Ask the therapist what muscle they are pressing – this way you can be sure they have a sound Anatomy knowledge and are not just rubbing!! Medical massage or sports massage is usually a good sign that they have a good anatomy and physiology knowledge.

Massage Education

Check which qualifications the therapist has -how long did they train for – who are the awarding bodies of their qualification.


How many years have they been practising? As with most things in life experience helps!

Read testimonials

Hearing how others have felt from experiencing treatments is a great way of knowing what to expect – and don’t forget to leave testimonials too, it can really help to support small businesses

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