Massage Therapy Courses London: Training Dates

Massage Therapy Courses London: Training Dates
The Hydrotherm Massage System

Massage Therapy Courses London: Start your Hydrotherm journey today!

We like to be organised here at Hydrotherm, so we have Massage Therapy Courses London training dates available to book NOW!

Massage Therapy Courses London
The Hydrotherm Massage System

Training dates also available in Cornwall, click here.

Training dates available on request

Hydrotherm is the world’s first truly 3-dimensional massage system. Allow your clients to lie comfortably on their back for an entire back or full body massage. Absolutely no turning over needed!

Using this system provides an effective massage for your client but also protects you as the therapist by using their body weight to give varying pressure, reducing wrist and lower back pain.

For details of current prices contact: Niki on 07815 693 735 or email

Hydrotherm level one

Our entry level course gives you all the knowledge you need in order to start offering Hydrotherm massage as a treatment.

Suitable for all therapists who offer massage be that in a salon, spa or as a mobile therapist.

To be able to book onto the course, you must hold a recognised qualification in Massage. You also need to have or be obtaining an anatomy and physiology qualification.

This is a one-day practical training course. More information is available here on Hydrotherm’s website

Tranquil Sea specialist cancer massage course

This course is specifically for those who are in treatment for or who have experienced cancer. You will learn how to safely provide massage to your clients who probably need it the most.

The course covers a wide range of areas from dispelling myths, learning some of the medical terminologies and extending your consultation as well as the actual practical aspect of the course.

There is no separate assessment day: your trainer will continually assess you throughout the day.

The course is endorsed by the ‘Penny Brohn Centre’ and a donation of £30 is made from the Amethyst Trust. 

Read more: Why I love teaching the Oncology Massage Courses

Hydrotherm massage during pregnancy

Upon completion of Hydrotherm level one students can decide to undertake the Massage During Pregnancy module.

This one day course allows therapists to safely and effectively treat this client group via the unique Hydrotherm system. More information is available here.

Hydrotherm Applied Anatomy course.

For a full pdf on information on this course please click here.

These training days will be run by our trainer Debbie Slater who has years of experience using and teaching Hydrotherm techniques. Our courses are hands-on, so please be prepared to massage and be massaged during the course. The course is open to a male and female therapist.

If you are interested in Hydrotherm Massage, or if you have any questions, please call Niki on 07815 693 735 or email

Prices and further information available here

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Discover dates and info about the Hydrotherm Massage Therapy Course and Cancer Massage Course that will take place soon!