‘Keheren’ or Muscle Therapy in Truro: our new video

‘Keheren’ or Muscle Therapy in  Truro: our new video

Keheren translates from the Cornish language to mean muscle.

So, the business name literally means “muscle therapy“.

We’re passionate about the human body and the great vessel we live in. We’re also proud of our knowledge of the muscular anatomy.

Keheren Therapy has been running for approximately 11 years. We are a small team of therapists, many from medical backgrounds, all with recognised qualifications and all fully ensured.

All of our therapists undergo specialist training to ensure effective treatment and follow up advice.

keheren muscle therapy truro Richmond

We predominantly treat pain and injuries.

Many of our clients come to us with neck and back pain, pregnancy-related muscular pains, or simply to keep mobile and healthy.

We provide sports, deep tissue, relaxation massage, pregnancy and oncology massage.

All via the amazing Hydrotherm Technique.

The Hydrotherm Massage system involves laying on a warm water bed.

The system provides perfect spinal alignment. No face holes, no dribbling, no need to turn over during treatment. Yet, providing effective massage treatment to all areas of the body.

We believe that everyone is an individual, that there is no one-size-fits-all massage.

We want to make massage accessible to all not just as a treat but as an important part of health and wellbeing.

Keheren (Muscle) therapy promotes a strong, caring ethos focused entirely on client wellbeing and condition improvement through effective treatments to the highest standard.

You can book a massage with us via our easy to use online booking system, and via Facebook.  Otherwise, give a good old-fashioned phone call at (01872) 260833 / 07943 630148.

Muscle Therapy
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Muscle Therapy
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Keheren Therapy,
Woodbine Farm Truro Business Park,Truro,Cornwall -TR3 6BW,
Telephone No.07943 630148
Truro, Richmond
Keheren translates from the Cornish language to mean muscle. Discover what is our "muscle therapy" in Richmond, West London and Truro, Cornwall.