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Cate, one of our Truro massage therapists, has specialised in Trigger point and myofascial release therapy since 2015. Here she explains what is myofascial release good for, the science behind trigger points and how she incorporates it into her practice. …

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Keheren translates from the Cornish language to mean muscle. So, the business name literally means “muscle therapy“. We’re passionate about the human body and the great vessel we live in. We’re also proud of our knowledge of the muscular anatomy. …

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We commonly see back pain in our clinics in Truro (Cornwall) and Richmond (Surrey). Our therapists bring a variety of skills and experience to treat your back pain, yet it is important that therapists and clients recognise the importance of …

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The benefits of massage are so many, that they could never be listed on a single article. However, today I’d like to list some of the main reasons I would recommend anyone get massage therapy for. I’ve been practicing deep tissue and …

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Kids massage: can we treat children under 16 with massage therapy? We are frequently asked this question. The simple answer is YES, under 16s can receive a massage. However, we need written consent from a guardian or for a parent …

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Having survived two pregnancies, a Truro resident explains why she loves the Maternity massage: “Accompanied by the pleasure of performing many pregnancy massages, I understand, appreciate and encourage the importance of maternity massage. Not only does it offer an hour …

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During my time as a massage therapist, I have seen first-hand many of the benefits of massage therapy for cancer patients. There has been a lot of articles in the news surrounding people who have or are experiencing cancer not …

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