Online booking systems for Massage Therapists

I recently did a presentation for fellow women in business about my online booking system and how much it changed my massage therapy business. I would love to share this information with other massage therapists in the hope it will help them as much as it helped me.

Life before my online system consisted off 2 filing cabinets, mountains of plastic A4 folders and lists (I still have lists but they are tidier!!!). I wanted more time to be a massage therapist!

Now it’s just me, my phone or laptop and my addiction …. Coffee!!! 

CRMS (customer relationship management) & Scheduling Apps

I am not afraid to admit that I have been to countless meetings where they used the terms CRMS and Scheduling Apps. At first I was a bit embarrassed to admit I didn’t know the difference between these things.  So in the hope there are others like me here is my simplistic understanding of them

Scheduling apps: do what they say on the tin: they Managing Appointments, online bookings, managing your diary

CRMS are about managing your customer engagement 

There are loads of systems out there that you can use such as : Acuity, 10 to 8, Microsoft Bookings, Calendly. I would suggest having a look at costs, ease of use etc and see which one suits you.

Complete management application

The system I have chosen is Cliniko.  Clinko is a complete management application so it does a bit of both and more……..

One of the most useful things it does for me is taking online bookings. This online booking system frees up so much time for me from answering the phone and emails and allows clients to see my availability without bouncing backwards and forwards.

Having an online booking system is also fantastic for my clients. I had one lady who woke in the middle of the night with back pain in pregnancy. She had an internet search of people near by who could help. By 10 am that morning she was laying on my Hydrotherm cushions having a massage and slept much better that night! 

It is keeping my business stream lined and working for me by helping with marketing, revenue streams and much more. I can now have a month by month or week by week snapshot view of where my clients come from. As well as what’s working or not working. 

Even with the simple addition of online bookings I have generated more clients

I hope that in some way this helps any of you that feel a bit chaotic in business. It is so rewarding to use my time in what I want to do – Massage! I have been practicing massage for over 14 years I don’t know how I ever coped without an online booking system! If you have any questions please email me