How often should I get a massage – Part 2

How often should I get a massage – Part 2

Following on from our previous article discussing how often to get a Sports, Deep Tissue or Relaxation massage. Today Lauren discusses how often to get a Pregnancy or Oncology massage

Pregnancy Massage

Many mums to be attend for massages to relax and have some “me time” before new life is brought into the world.  Of course through, carrying a baby brings many aches and pains on the mum to be.

Dependent on the stage of pregnancy pain can be caused by Round ligaments or Broad ligament. Massage of the lower back and gluteal muscles is often very beneficial for pregnant mums.

We recommend an hours treatment for Mums to be although a neck and shoulder massage can be performed in a shorter length of time. The frequency of massage depends on the reason for attendance.

Many pregnant ladies attend weekly to get on top of pain and then attend monthly for the duration of the pregnancy.  Of course once again, this isn’t set in stone and its ok to attend for a treat anytime!

Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is a professional massage therapy for those who may have been diagnosed or recovering from cancer. Or those seeking comfort in palliative care. Individuals that are unfortunately diagnosed with cancer experience a variety of physical and psychological symptoms. For example, in relation to their cancer diagnose and the various  treatments used, such as chemotherapy (Lopez et al., 2017). The aim of oncology massage is to help counteract  those physical and emotional stressors that can often become associated with cancer and the treatments provided (Gentile et al., 2018).

Oncology massage is very beneficial in the way of being a form of touch that isn’t actually medically focused. This positively impacts people in the way of enhancing relaxation, which will help to improve mood and decrease pain, depression and anxiety (Lopez et al., 2017). By doing so, will likely to enhance quality of life, enhance relaxation, sleeping patterns, moods, and of course pain management.

With all this in mind, a gentle and caring touch of oncology massage really does add the positive touch. Whether this is something that relates to on-going cancer treatment or previous treatment.  We usually recommend massage therapy around every three weeks, for chemotherapy cycles dependant on the treatment they are receiving.

How often should I get a massage? 

 It is so important to make massage a habit to help with our general health and well-being. There are many benefits towards massage therapy. Whether this is aimed towards improving mobility, relieving stress and tension, relieving pain or enhancing relaxation. Sports massage assists in injury recovery promoting recovery speed and maintaining  muscle condition.

As previously mentioned, there are no standard guidelines for the number of massages you get in a week, month, or in a year.

As with anything in life ‘practice makes perfect’. The more you allow your body to function in a stress free way and allow it to function at its best the more your body becomes able to face life’s challenges.  If you are in pain it is likely you’re body telling you that it needs your help to function normally.

Interesting fact about Keheren Therapy

Here at Keheren Therapy, all our massage and sports therapist all bring a different range of knowledge and experience in the use of massage therapy, and all uniquely have additional qualifications in Hydrotherm massage, oncology massage and pregnancy massage, as well as qualifications in soft tissue and sports massage.This article is written by Lauren Lyndon Hill. Lauren is a sports massage therapist in Truro. You can contact her by emailing or you can book a treatment with her online