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Below are some of the many testimonials for massage therapies we have received for our treatments in Richmond and Truro. More testimonials are available on our Facebook page.

Hi all, I’ve recently had my third session with Liza and wanted to let people know what a great experience it was. Liza is a friendly and kind person who immediately puts you at ease. If you have a particular problem/problems she will explain in detail what she plans to do regards to working on and releasing tense and knotted muscles. Which is what my lower back in particular greatly needs. The hydrotherm system feels great,with your own body weight assisting Liza into getting deep into those aching muscles. She is also constantly aware of applying just the right amount of pressure so as not to cause any undue pain. A great experience indeed. Thank you Liza.                                                                Mike. May 2018


I feel so fortunate to have found Liza at Keheren Therapy. I am a Physiotherapist and long time deep tissue massage client in the USA with chronic neck pain for over 7 years. My move to the UK over the past 5 months has been very stressful which caused significant flare up of my symptoms. After just 3 sessions with Liza my symptoms are virtually gone.

The Hydrotherm was new to me and I really feel it was a great adjunct to the massage. Liza is highly skilled in my opinion possessing an intuitive knowledge of not only the physical anatomy of the human body but also the importance of the emotional body. She was compassionate, supportive and understanding of my emotional state from the very first visit which was critical for me at the time to allow healing to occur. I honestly don’t know what state I would be in now if I had not been so blessed to find her.

Female January 2018


I have just experienced the very best massage I have ever had, truly amazing. I feel like I have walked out of Debbie Slaters’ clinic truly free from my tensions, pains and woes with my back.
1 FULL hour of proper medical massage manipulation. Honestly people this was a different level of relaxation
Worth every Penny❤️❤️❤️❤️

Full body massage May 2017 – 54 year old female

I can’t recommend a pregnancy massage by Keheren Therapy enough. I loved the hydrotherm massage, lying on a water filled cushion on your back for an hour in total relaxation is heaven and much needed during pregnancy. I’m already booking myself in for another massage before the baby arrives Amazing treatment!

Pregnancy massage November 2016 –                                                                                                                                                          25 week pregnant

38 weeks pregnant and feeling tight, in pain, knotted and outta place!
Water bed, heat and oils with a thorough deep massage and a lovely bump rub!
Feeling so much better
Just hoping to sleep for a week now !
Highly recommended
Will b back soon
Thank you !                   Female – Pregnancy massage (October 2016)


….If you have sore aching muscles, and want some real help. Do try Debbie’s amazing massages. Tackling every knot and spasm, she teases out all the pains. As a highly trained nurse, she is also there to reassure and analyse any worries and offer a sympathetic ear. She is fabulous and her massages are amazing…. London’s gain is Cornwalls loss..

Female, 48, Designer (August 2016)


I have been a patient since Debbie started the business and have been coming every month ever since. Having had back pain for years probably as a result of a lot of golf, I did used to go to the Chiropractor regularly but have found that deep tissue massage on the muscles works very well and I only have to see the Chiropractor rarely.

The Hydrotherm system so much more comfortable than the traditional massage bed. I really recommend Keheren to everyone.
Yours sincerely
Regular Patient, male aged 79 (July 2016).


I would like to thank Debbie for the Treatment I have received for my lower back and neck pain, which was the outcome of a very bad Road Traffic Accident about 8 years ago.

Doctors told me that I would probably suffer from these pains for the rest of my life . I am not to keen on having steroid injections due to many people I know, having said they have been unsuccessful for them or at best , a short term fix. I used to take pain killers every day to try and relieve my pain…s, but they never really helped. After trying physiotherapy and a couple of other Chiropractors and having no success , I was introduced to Debbie !!!!

I really don’t know where to start . I know what she does to my back and neck , but have no idea how she makes the pain TOTALLY go away . This took maybe 4-5 sessions to make a big difference and the fact I go back aprox every 5-6 weeks ,(I regard this as a service) leaves me feeling pain FREE . This has hugely improved my life and well being and has completely changed my outlook for the future . Thank you so much Debbie for all you have done for me :-).  Regular Client



Thank you so much for an amazing treatment Liza.
That deep tissue massage was fabulous and I got off that bed feeling as if I was floating.ee
I suffer with a lot of pain daily and I have so little pain right now – it feels great to not be doubled up in agony.  New Client


Liza was very friendly and easy to talk to, which puts you at ease. Wow what a different experience to other massages I’ve had. I went for the hydrotherm, and it was amazing!!! Would def recommend to try this out….thank you!!!! New Client
What can I say…had a wonderful ‘deep tissue massage’ today at Keheren Therapy. Aches, pains and strains forgotten. So totally relaxed and floated out. I will be back. Thank you. Regular client
Thank you Debbie for a great sports massage today, after a couple of days with a stiff back from lifting my kitchen table, I am back to full mobility and more importantly no pain or stiffness at all …..such a fantastic treatment and just reminds me how great clients feel on a daily basis. I think perhaps Hydrotherm has been one of the best kept secrets !!! Regular client
testimonials for our massage therapies

testimonials for our massage therapies

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