Sports Therapy for Golf injuries

Sports Therapy for Golf injuries

In this blog our Sports Therapist Lauren explores the many ways she can help Golfers with their aches and pains and improve performance. She says:

Working in an  industry that specialises in injury and rehabilitation and also becoming a keen lover of golf in my free time, you can imagine how these two topics go well together!

Lauren Lyndon Hill – Sports Therapist

Sports therapy focuses on preventing, managing, and rehabilitating sports related injuries. It utilises various techniques and modalities to address the specific need of athletes and individuals involved in sports activities, such as golf. Here’s how sports therapy can help with golf injuries and explain how sports therapy for golfers works in our clinic:

Assessment and diagnosis

Our sports therapist (Lauren) will assess your injury, identify the underlying causes, and diagnose the problem. She will evaluate your swing mechanics, strength, flexibility, and posture to determine any biomechanical issues contributing to your injury.


Lauren employs a range of techniques to treat golf injuries, such as manual therapy (massage therapy), soft tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisations, and stretching exercises. She may also use modalities like muscle stimulation, or cold and heat therapy to aid in pain relief and promote healing.

Rehabilitation and Strengthening

Our Sports therapist will design a personalised rehabilitation program to address your specific injury. This may include exercises to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. They may also incorporate specific golf-related exercises to help you regain proper swing mechanics and prevent future injuries.

Injury Prevention

We can assess your movement patterns, muscle imbalances, and areas of weakness to identify potential injury risks. In addition, we can provide guidance on proper warm-up, muscle activation, stretching techniques and advise you on equipment modifications, or technique adjustments to suit you to reduce the likelihood of future injuries

Education and Guidance

Our Sports Therapist will educate you about your injury, explain the healing process, and provide guidance on self-care strategies. They can teach you proper body mechanics, postural awareness, and ergonomic principles to apply both on and off the golf course

Reducing the risk of injury

Within my job role as a Sports therapist, we can not only deal with sports specific injuries, we can also help to reduce the risk of injury. Golf involves repetitive swinging motions and can play significant stress on various parts of the body including, the back, shoulders,  knees, and wrists. The common injuries in golf usually relate to repetitive movements or strains.

Sports therapy for shoulder, elbow, back and knee pain

Common golf injuries Sports Therapy can help:

  • golfers elbow
  • tendonitis
  • back strain
  • rotator cuff injuries and more.

Perfecting your swing

Golf has become increasingly more popular in recent years. It’s a very unique sport to play that is available to all ages, gender, athletic skill and ability. The mechanics of a golf swing can be quite challenging to perfect for various reasons. for example reduced range of movement when we get older, reduced strength and balance. The Golf swing is i not a movement we complete in our normal daily lives unless we have played golf for many years, and therefore does not feel normal if you are a beginner. If you’re getting niggles or getting common occurrences with pain when playing golf, a sports therapist like Lauren can help to identify the underlying causes.

Working with a sports therapist like Lauren, this is a great way for golfers to benefit from targeted treatment like massage therapy (either for maintenance or injury), personalised rehabilitation exercises, and injury prevention strategies. It can help you to recover from injuries, improve performance and enjoy the game with reduced risk of futures problems! 

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